Do you find your clients weighing up the cost of a holiday versus monthly insurance premiums? With Vitality, they can save up to 40% on the price of flights with British Airways, so they don’t have to make a choice between picking up their passport and comprehensive life and health cover.


Vitality rewards people for making healthy lifestyle choices today, as well as protects them if something goes unexpectedly wrong. And to reward members successfully, we need to understand what motivates them most of all. We know that our members have a growing preference for travel, which is why we introduced British Airways as an exciting new partner. Depending on their Vitality status, members can now receive discounts of up to 40% on return economy flights, including taxes and charges, to more than 70 destinations within the UK and Europe. A few examples? Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Venice, Athens, Amsterdam and Edinburgh all make the list. So our members can plan a well-earned weekend break or summer holiday, knowing we’ll help them get away for less.


The introduction of a respected, top-quality travel partner such as British Airways is obviously a huge selling point – and one you can enjoy highlighting to your clients. A high-value incentive such as this can attract new clients and encourage continued engagement among existing ones. Remember, it’s a good way of illustrating how we’re putting cash back into our members’ pockets by helping them make substantial savings on the cost of their holidays. They could even put these savings towards increasing their insurance cover, so you might like to highlight ways in which this could work. And because the discount applies only to Vitality members (non-members must pay full price for flights), you can suggest they add a partner or, in the case of Life insurance, child to their existing plan. Our British Airways reward could be the prompt they need to sign up, adding another client to your roster.


Our parent company, Discovery, in South Africa now has two flight partners – having added the first one back in 2006. They’ve proved hugely popular with advisers because they’ve opened up a new market of potential personal and corporate customers, as well as consolidating their existing client base. In fact, in the first year of adding a flight benefit in South Africa 100,000 members used the benefit, and nearly 24% of those members had engaged in Vitality for the first time. Roll on to 2013 and more than one million flights were taken through Discovery. This shows how flight benefits can act as a real draw for new and existing customers to engage with Vitality for the first time, and helps to increase the overall appeal of our rewards to a wider set of clients – meaning there is increasingly something for everyone. We expect to replicate this success in the UK, with the British Airways benefit just one partner in our exciting new Status Rewards. British Airways also joins our other premium travel partners, Mr & Mrs Smith and Eurostar, to create an enticing travel partner selection for engaged members.


As with other Status Rewards, the more people engage with their health and wellbeing, the bigger their rewards. So someone whose Vitality status is Bronze can get 5% off one British Airways flight booking per year, which can represent a saving from the start. If they attain Silver Status they’ll get 20% off. Gold Vitality status sees them get 30% off a maximum of two flights per year. And once they reach Platinum, they can claim 40% off on up to two flights each plan year. Terms and conditions apply, including a minimum number of nights away between the outbound and return flights.

Ultimately, our new partnership with British Airways gives clients another good reason to choose – and stick with – Vitality. And for our advisers, it’s yet another positive conversation-starter – enabling you to highlight how we can help our clients save money, stay healthy and enjoy life. In short, less-engaged members will feel incentivised to strive for higher status so they can enjoy greater flight discounts. And, perhaps more crucially, those who are already highly active and health-conscious will opt to remain engaged so they can continue to reap high-value rewards. And if anyone asks you where else there is to go after they’ve reached Platinum status, you could suggest Paris. Or Rome. Or Lisbon…


The UK’s largest travel association ABTA said in their Travel Trends Report 2015 that affluent social class ‘A’ take 4.7 holidays per year1. At the same time, holidaymakers expect more value for money from their trips. Vitality’s British Airways Status Rewards reflect these trends and offer more to your clients, on top of award-winning insurance. By taking advantage of the attractive benefits from all three of our travel partners – British AirwaysEurostar and Mr & Mrs Smith – members can potentially enjoy cashback and sizeable discounts on every holiday they take.


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