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Studies show that wearable fitness technology may benefit the workplace, but only if employers know what to do with the health data it provides, says Shaun Subel, Strategy Director, VitalityHealth. How many steps have you walked today? What was your heart-rate on the treadmill at the gym this morning? How

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The days of the traditional nine-to-five, when work stopped as soon as we stepped outside the office door, are long gone. Remote working and the trend for a ‘blended’ work and home life is now the norm, enabled by the development of smartphones and tablets, cloud servers and apps that

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Employee Engagement

With Vitality, you aren’t simply selling health insurance: you’re also offering SME clients the opportunity to raise their influence and appeal, and to compete with bigger companies – even without a corporate budget. KEY POINTS: Vitality discounts and rewards are a free benefit for employees Vitality makes small businesses more

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