Coffee has often been referred to by advisers who want to put the price of insurance into perspective. The traditional line? ‘For the cost of two coffees each week, you could pay for insurance that will protect your entire family.’ But the problem with this comparison is that it’s asking people to give up something they enjoy – and no one wants to do that. This is why Vitality now offers an appealing alternative: our members can be rewarded with a handcrafted Starbucks drink every week, simply by becoming more active.


Here’s the good news for anyone who loves a daily cappuccino or flat white: drinking coffee in moderation can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. It may help boost your metabolism, and so speed up the fat-burning process, according to 2011 research by the International Association for the Study of Obesity1. Coffee is also a good source of magnesium and antioxidants known as polyphenols, both of which have been strongly linked with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes2. Several other studies have also suggested a link between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of dementia3.


We’ve chosen Starbucks as a Vitality partner because we know their feel-good treats can help motivate our members to reap the benefits of regular exercise. All members have to do to take advantage of this Active Reward is earn nine weekly Vitality points, which they can do, for instance, by walking 7,000 steps a day, three times a week, or going to the gym just once a week. The promise of a Starbuck reward drink gives clients the perfect incentive to engage with Vitality and start tracking their activity.

People may be more likely to adopt healthy behaviours if they’re offered small financial incentives, according to a 2014 study at Newcastle University4, involving more than 30,000 participants. Even rewards of as little as £3 could make people up to 50% more likely to change their behaviour, say the researchers. Therefore, something as simple as a weekly coffee can be all it takes to encourage clients to adopt long-term healthy habits and experience a sustained boost to their physical health.

As those members become more engaged and active, their Vitality status will improve, along with their health and fitness levels, and once they reach Gold or Platinum status, they’ll automatically qualify for the weekly Starbucks reward. Yet another incentive to encourage members to stick to an active lifestyle.


Meeting for coffee has become an increasingly popular pastime among Brits. In fact, recent analysis5 has predicted that the UK will have more coffee shops than pubs by the year 2026. Meeting friends for a post-gym coffee offers a chance for members to take a break, which is why Vitality’s Starbucks Active Reward is sure to appeal to your clients. So be sure to highlight that benefit in your initial conversations. In the first month following the Reward’s introduction earlier this year, more than 12,000 coffees were awarded to our members6. Like our weekly cinema tickets initiative with Cineworld and Vue, it’s something that’s seen as a sociable reward that helps change behaviour.


Of course, our Starbucks scheme isn’t restricted to coffee aficionados. If members prefer, they can opt for other handcrafted drinks such as a tea, hot chocolate or Frappuccino of any size. Ultimately, we’re offering people the chance to do something they enjoy as a reward for being healthier. It’s just one more way in which Vitality is helping people feel buzzed about insurance.


  6. Vitality Engagement stats, April 2015
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