Vitality has been redefining health and life insurance with comprehensive cover that also offers incentives for people to engage with their health. And this year we’re going further, by introducing Active Rewards. This new category of incentive will reward your clients for the amount of regular physical activity they do. So, for example, if they go to the gym once a week or choose to walk to work, they can earn Vitality points that allow them to claim weekly treats such as cinema tickets (from April) and Starbucks coffee.

This is a proven method of boosting clients’ health in the long term, enabling them to see tangible benefits from being insured. According to our research, three fifths of Vitality members surveyed found activity rewards appealing, while over four fifths of Vitality members surveyed thought those rewards were achievable, and over half felt rewards would motivate them to exercise regularly. With Vitality Active Rewards, clients are clearly experiencing the value of their cover and enjoy its benefits in a real way every week – which is good for them, good for their health and good for your business.


We believe Active Rewards will benefit brokers as well as members. By being encouraged to become more engaged and enjoy more rewards, clients will reap the benefit of their cover and be reminded of its value every week. As a result of this ongoing value, they may be more likely to keep their policy, upgrade their cover, and recommend Vitality – and you, their adviser – to others.


Vitality helps members better understand their own health by providing them with incentives to complete their Online Health Review and earn points for health checks. Discounts on gym membership, trainers and wearable technology – such as fitness trackers and heart-rate monitors as well as cashback on bicycles – also offer easy ways to measure and improve fitness. Active Rewards takes engaging with health to the next level by rewarding members for the activity they do and helping to embed healthy routines in everyday life.

To earn Active Rewards, members must achieve nine Vitality points a week in order to receive a handcrafted drink at Starbucks and a cinema ticket valid at Cineworld and Vue cinemas* (Gold and Platinum Status members automatically qualify for cinema tickets and Starbucks benefits for their efforts). In addition, members are motivated and engaged with Vitality over the long term through Status-based rewards such as discounted flights with British Airways. The higher their Status, the greater the rewards.


People who run or walk for 15 minutes a day reduce their mortality risk by 14% and increase their life expectancy by three years1. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for members to get active and gain points, even if they don’t like the gym or live near one. Your clients could link to Moves – a free smartphone app that measures steps – get 50% off a selected Garmin device or Garmin Swim activity tracker, or exercise with a half-price Polar heart-rate monitor or discounted Fitbug. Every time they take a walk during their lunch break, choose the stairs instead of the lift, or get off the bus or train a stop early and walk the difference, they earn points while boosting their wellbeing.

For couples and families, we’ve reduced the number of points required to reach each Vitality Status, making it easier for them to earn Status-based rewards.


Statistics show that 29% of people in England are physically inactive (classed as failing to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week) and so fall into the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) ‘high risk’ health category2. In fact, when it comes to physical activity, we Brits are far less active than our counterparts in the US, France and Germany. Inactivity is now recognised as a pandemic and responsible for one in six deaths in the UK3, making it as dangerous to health as smoking. Inactive individuals are at much greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dementia and other mental health conditions4.

However, we can change this by becoming more active – both as individuals and as a nation – and Vitality can help every step of the way. We can use incentives to increase the amount of physical activity our members take, which is why we’ve introduced Active Rewards. It’s all part of our shared-value ethos and business model, which delivers better health and enhanced value for members, more productive employees and a healthier society overall.


Members can earn the points they need for weekly Rewards by:

  • Walking 7,000 steps three days a week (3 x 3 points)
  • Walking 12,500 steps in one day (1 x 10 points)
  • Exercising at 60% of maximum heart rate for 30 minutes twice a week (2 x 5 points)
  • Burning an average 300 calories for 60 minutes (1 x 10 points)
  • Going to the gym one day a week (1 x 10 points)


  1. Chi Pang Wen, Jackson Pui Man Wai, et al, ‘Minimum amount of physical activity for reduced mortality and extended life expectancy: a prospective cohort study’
    Active People Survey 2013
  2. UK Active ‘Steps to Solving Inactivity Report’, November 2014
  3. Start Active, Stay Active, The Department of Health, 2011

* Excludes 3D films and tickets for any film at Vue Leicester Square

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