At just age 25, Chris had significant undiagnosed health risks. Read his story to see how VitalityLife insurance CHANGED his life

For many people, life insurance is an excellent way to protect the things that mean the most to them – such as making sure that their family’s future is secure if something unexpected was to happen. That’s why we can all do with a helping hand to keep an eye on a number of lifestyle-related health factors that can affect our health overall.

Vitality helps individuals understand those factors, so that steps can be taken to address them early on and in turn, maintain or improve one’s life and well-being. Take the case of #THESTEPMASTER Chris Schutrups, a VitalityLife member who had significant undiagnosed health risks at just age 25.

Read on to see how VitalityLife CHANGED his life for the better.


Why Chris chose VitalityLife

“I own a mortgage business and Vitality was one of the providers we had on offer to help protect our customers. I was in a position where I needed some life cover myself. So I chose Vitality because they had some great benefits that other policies didn’t have.”

It all started when…

“I had been living with undiagnosed diabetes for about ten years. From an early age I had felt symptoms such as blurred visions, pins and needles and tremors in my hands. I visited the doctor and consultants, but they weren’t able to join up the dots of what I actually had.

Once I joined VitalityLife the easy win for me was to get the Vitality Healthcheck. I had my blood sugar levels checked and the nurse looked horrified. She said I think you should speak to your doctor. I booked in to go and see my doctor, they did some tests and confirmed that I had type 2 diabetes. It was hard to accept and a real shock

Diabetes can easily be controlled, but if it goes undiagnosed it can be fatal

With the help of Vitality, I was able to get the diagnosis of my condition so that I could get the right treatment and medication to support me. Without the health check I don’t think anyone would have found the diabetes for a very long time.


 Has your life insurer changed your life?

“It’s amazing how a simple health check makes such a difference. Vitality encourages its members to engage. Since I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, I’ve cut out a lot of unhealthy foods. By eating healthier and being more active, it gives me more energy and makes me feel better. It’s the little things that you change in your life that are going to help you live a better lifestyle overall.”


Why understanding your health is important

Did you know?

‘It is estimated that there are around 1.1 million people in the UK* who have diabetes but have not been diagnosed

Having a Vitality Healthcheck once a year is enough for most people to ensure they’re on the right track. A 30-minute Vitality Healthcheck measures blood pressure; Body Mass Index (BMI); glucose and cholesterol levels. It’s a great way to minimise the risk of any unexpected health or life events. To help you stay well and keep tabs on your key lifestyle-related health factors, we’ve also developed Wellness Optimiser. It’s a unique type of insurance plan that lets you understand, improve and maintain good scores for your four key health factors.


For more information speak to a financial adviser or visit our Member Stories page
To find out more about our Wellness Optimiser plan – click here
*Source – diabetes UK facts sheet 2016
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