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How small businesses compete without the big budgets

With Vitality, you aren’t simply selling health insurance: you’re also offering SME clients the opportunity to raise their influence and appeal, and to compete with bigger companies – even without a corporate budget.


  • Vitality discounts and rewards are a free benefit for employees
  • Vitality makes small businesses more attractive when recruiting
  • Provides opportunities for team-building and social events without a large budget
  • Boosts the perceived value of company benefits

Little things can often make all the difference, whatever the size of the company. Take Google, for example. For the past six years, the technology giant has topped Fortune magazine’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list. The 45,000-strong US workforce enjoys perks such as discounted gym memberships, free health screening and cheap ticket offers¹. These types of thoughtful extras ensure high staff morale and help to enhance the company’s reputation as cool, caring, forward thinking and responsible.

When an small business chooses Vitality as its healthcare provider, its employees can enjoy the same kinds of benefits as Google’s team of thousands. For example, Vitality members can get weekly cinema tickets as a reward for being active and regularly tracking their exercise.


Our carefully chosen Vitality partners also offer employers plenty of easy ways to hold morale-boosting team events. Our relationship with parkrun, for example, allows members to earn Vitality points every time they take part in one of the 150 weekly 5km runs across the UK. Employers can seize this opportunity to use training for parkrun – as well as the events themselves – as a team-building strategy.

Likewise, if enough of the workforce has taken advantage of Vitality’s cash back on Evans Cycles, employers could help by setting up a ‘bike train’ for staff cycling to work. Cyclists meet at an agreed point en route then ride in together – for a safer and more sociable commute. If people turn up to work together or meet up for training runs, it can have a hugely positive effect on morale and engagement – as well as everyone’s health and fitness, of course.

It’s also worth pointing out that the most effective team-building initiatives aren’t the big-spend, big-idea extravaganzas. In fact, the events that employees deem most useful are simple social occasions, such as going out after work, according to a 2012 survey by Vodafone UK². And that’s where those Vitality weekly cinema tickets can come in very useful, as employers can initiate a regular film night.

Vitality also offers members weekly Starbucks drinks for tracking their activity, which encourages employees to keep fit and rewards them with the opportunity to catch up over coffee or a handcrafted drink of their choice.


Thanks to our great partnerships, Vitality allows the workforce to clearly see greater value in a company. And all those ‘little extras’ – from weekly Starbucks drinks to discounted flights with British Airways – can make an SME as appealing to high-calibre prospective employees, too. So it’s something that employers are keen to highlight from the outset.

For example, Eventura– a Bolton-based IT company with a 20-strong workforce – always flags up Vitality in its job ads³. Vitality is then explained in more detail during the interview process. The result? “Prospective employees are impressed,” says Eventura’s Vitality administrator Rhiannon Hayes. “It’s one of the reasons why they want to work for us. It helps us appeal to the best candidates.”

Being a Vitality member can also help SMEs retain the best staff. After all, why would anyone be lured away by the perks of working for a bigger company when they enjoy the same benefits already? And because Vitality rewards members for being active, it gives employees added incentive to keep fit and healthy. A happier, healthier workforce is naturally more motivated and productive. Ultimately, Vitality enables SMEs to offer and deliver the same health and wellbeing benefits as a high-performing corporate but the cost is all included in the package – so it’s a win-win situation for all involved.


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