New, high-value Status Rewards give big discounts to your clients when they stay engaged with Vitality. So you can promote the extra cover they could buy with their savings and your clients see real added value on their policy.

You already know what makes Vitality different. It’s the only health and life insurance provider that actually rewards people for engaging with their wellbeing. Instead of highlighting the bad things that might happen, Vitality encourages everyone to focus on the good things that will happen with a little effort. The aim? To introduce healthy habits – such as regular exercise and giving up smoking – that can make such a big difference to long-term wellbeing.

Our newly introduced Active Rewards are a fast-track way to engage members with Vitality. They’ve been designed to get people active from the start by using short-term, realistic goals to unlock motivating, frequent rewards, such as a weekly cinema ticket and handcrafted Starbucks drink in return for earning just nine Vitality points each week.

But what about your clients who have signed up with Vitality because they’re already leading a healthy, active lifestyle? Or members who want to build on their fitness goals and get even more rewards for their commitment? That’s where Vitality Status Rewards come in.


By accumulating Vitality points over time, members can increase their status to unlock more rewards. Everyone starts at Bronze, with the aim of progressing to Silver, Gold and Platinum. And in recognition of their efforts, members with Gold and Platinum status will automatically qualify for the weekly coffee and cinema benefits.

However, to ensure these people remain motivated in the long term, we need to provide added incentives – and that’s where Status Rewards come in. As members maintain their status or reach the next one, they’ll become eligible for bigger and better rewards. Status Rewards are designed to be less frequent than the regular Active Rewards, but higher in value – so members will work towards them over a few months. To truly inspire members to maintain lifelong, healthy habits – whether it’s a twice-weekly fitness class or walking 10,000 steps a day – Status Rewards take the form of hugely appealing travel discounts and offers. The overall message? Focus on your wellbeing all year round and you could earn major savings on your next holiday. We believe that’s a great conversation to have with your clients.


  1. Up to 40% discount on economy return flights with British Airways to more than 70 destinations across the UK and Europe.
  2. Up to 25% cashback on the cost of a boutique or luxury hotel break with Mr & Mrs Smith or Smith & Family.
  3. Up to 50% back on the price of Eurostar train tickets to Paris, Lille or Brussels.


Benefits such as these provide a huge incentive for members to stay engaged with Vitality in the long term and that’s obviously good news for you, too. Status Rewards will appeal to clients who are already active. So, if someone regularly goes to the gym or walks to work, for example, you can highlight these higher-value incentives to illustrate how they can gain even more from their existing healthy habits. The bigger financial benefits of Status Rewards will also appeal to anyone who prefers to focus on a long-term goal and really see the value of their commitment.

The projected savings made through Status Rewards could be used to help clients buy more cover, so be sure to highlight ways in which this might work in each specific case. For example: A platinum member who takes a £300 return BA flight within Europe would make a saving of £120. That saving could be the equivalent of more than 4 months life cover premiums for some clients. Ultimately, these attractive rewards will enable clients to see real added value in their insurance policies, so they’ll be less likely to cancel or look elsewhere. Put simply, Status Rewards encourage customer satisfaction and staying power – as well as those all-important healthy habits, of course.


What are they?
High-value offers and discounts with top travel companies such as British Airways, Eurostar and Mr & Mrs Smith.

How do clients earn them?
By adopting healthy habits over the long term – such as regular exercise and health checks – to earn Vitality points and improve their overall status.

Why have them?
To help give your clients long-term value.


Vitality works by offering members incentives to adopt healthy habits. People are much more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices if offered small financial incentives, according to a recent study of more than 30,000 people at Newcastle University1.


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