Doniert Macfarlane
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Doniert Macfarlane

Doniert Macfarlane is the Managing Director of Talk to a Doctor. Talk to a Doctor works with Vitality to provide the GP advice lines and doctors for the Vitality Video GP service.

Doniert trained in Medicine in King’s College London and worked as an Orthopaedic Surgeon before changing career paths to Emergency Medicine and setting up Talk to a Doctor. The idea was to use innovative technology to improve ease of access and communication between patients and doctors.

Doniert has worked with Vitality over the last 5 years to help them bring to life their vision for improved access to doctors for their members using the latest telemedicine advances.

Doniert still works the occasional shift in the Emergency department to keep his clinical skills up.

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Dr Doniert Macfarlane is one of the participating doctors in our new Vitality GP service. As an expert in telemedicine – both online and by phone – he explains what makes Vitality GP a valuable service for members. Dr Macfarlane also outlines the benefits it brings to individuals and employers,

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