A study of Vitality members downloading the free Moves activity-tracking app since January 2015 has revealed that over 75% of those using the app are already earning nine Vitality points a week or more – enough for them to earn a Starbucks drink and Cineworld cinema ticket every week.

Active Rewards is a new category of incentive which rewards Vitality members for the amount of regular physical activity they do. The Moves app’s greater simplicity to record physical activity – and so enabling users to access rewards more quickly – is starting to produce a noticeable shift in member behaviour.

A rise in exercise levels

The data also shows that 74% of people who have downloaded the app in the 5 months from January 2015 to May 2015 had never previously tracked their activity with Vitality. Additionally, almost 30% of those who completed a Vitality Healthcheck are currently earning enough points every week for them to reach Gold Vitality status by the end of the year.

A reduction in absenteeism at work

Business clients will be happy to know that members who track their activity with Vitality also take less time off work than those who don’t. Overall, members take an average of 4.3 days off a year; however, members tracking lower-intensity activity (steps) were found to take 23% fewer sick days than average, and members tracking higher-intensity activity (such as heart rate and calories burned) had 52% fewer sick days.

Significantly, members who didn’t track their data activity at first, but who then engaged in activity tracking, saw a decrease in missed work days of up to 49%.

An increase in engagement and retention

This greater engagement in the brand, brought about by activity-tracking, could have benefits for your business too. By claiming more rewards, members are more likely to be reminded of Vitality’s value. We know that the more engaged a member is with Vitality, the more likely they are to renew their plan.

How Active Rewards work

VitalityHealth members automatically have access to Active Rewards, however VitalityLife members need to have the Vitality Plus or Vitality Optimiser options on their plans. Then, by using the Moves app – Vitality don’t share the collected data externally – members can earn the points they need for weekly rewards by: walking 7,000 steps three days a week (3 x 3 points); walking 12,500 steps in one day (1 x 10 points); exercising at 60% of maximum heart rate for 30 minutes twice a week (2 x 5 points); burning an average 300 calories for 60 minutes (1 x 10 points); or going to the gym one day a week (1 x 10 points).

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