The start of the year is the time for New Year resolutions for your clients, whether that’s spending less, getting fit, or doing more to protect their family’s security.


No wonder, then, that discounted membership to Virgin Active Health Clubs is one of the most popular benefits enjoyed by Vitality members. Vitality offers an enticing 50% off flexible individual monthly gym membership fees. This saving adds up to big benefits: more than 70% of our members who use the Vitality gym benefit offset half the cost of their insurance policy each year, while 30% of our gym members offset more than the cost of their annual premiums.

And the benefits go even further. With Vitality Active Rewards, members can earn Vitality points for each gym visit up to a maximum of 40 Vitality points per week. They can use these to claim regular post-workout treats including Starbucks handcrafted drinks and iTunes rewards.

Cost, time and lack of motivation can be barriers to joining a gym. But with discounted Virgin Active gym membership, Vitality makes it easier for members to engage with their fitness and stay motivated in the long term. That’s good for them and it’s good for you.


Vitality members who use our Virgin Active benefits are 38% less likely to lapse compared to members who don’t go to the gym. So, not only can you help your clients get healthier but you can help them get real value from their insurance – something they are likely to discuss with their friends. As a result of this ongoing value, they may be more likely to keep their policy, upgrade their cover, and recommend Vitality – and you, their adviser – to others.


Vitality helps you start positive conversations with your clients around wellness as well as protection should they become ill or worse. Vitality offers solutions that help people make healthier lifestyle choices. The benefits of regular physical activity are well documented. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia. Ask your clients whether they go to the gym and you can start a conversation about their health goals and how Vitality can help them achieve those goals faster. In the process, you could help them offset the cost of their insurance or increase their budget, so they can spend more on the cover they really need.

VitalityHealth and VitalityLife members using their member discount for their Virgin Active membership are on average saving £50.40 and £37.50 respectively on their monthly gym fees. This is based on members that have a flexible monthly contract, and excludes the cost of gym joining fees.

Compare this to the cost of their premiums and in fact 70% of VitalityHealth members and 79% of VitalityLife members using Virgin Active are offsetting more than half the cost of their policy each year.

So, when you’re next having conversations with clients, you’ll have another great reason for them to choose Vitality and kickstart their health for 2016.


1. Membership is not available at The Chiswick Riverside Health and Racquet Club.


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