At Vitality we believe health and life insurance should be viewed as part of a healthy lifestyle, which is why we offer rewards for taking steps to improve health and fitness. Our award-winning protection gives your clients the benefit of a holistic solution that is focused on prevention, as well as innovative cover. Ask your clients whether they are interested in insurance that rewards them for being healthy and provides award-winning cover.


Client response: Yes – tell me more 
Adviser response: Vitality helps you save money and get healthy, and it rewards you for your efforts. By becoming more active you’ll earn Vitality points, which you can use to unlock rewards. These range from a weekly drink at Starbucks and cinema tickets with Vue and Cineworld to monthly song downloads or up to £20 iTunes credit depending on your Vitality status.

These points count towards your Vitality status. Everyone starts on Bronze and can then move up to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your Vitality status, the greater the rewards. For example, Platinum Vitality status members enjoy 40% off return economy flights with British Airways to more than 70 destinations in Europe.

If you have VitalityLife insurance and your Vitality status has gone up at the end of the year, Vitality gives you a discount on your VitalityLife premium, which you keep until the end of your plan. Get to Silver status, for example, and you’ll receive 1% off your premium. This increases to 1.5% for Gold and 3% for Platinum.

By leading a healthier lifestyle, you could add years to your life and significantly reduce the risk of chronic disease and illness. That’s why Vitality focuses on prevention, as well as providing award-winning insurance cover.

Client response: No I am not interested in being rewarded for being healthier 
Adviser response: Besides rewarding you for being healthier, Vitality offers award-winning cover to help protect you and your family in the event of illness or requiring treatment. Two of the ways Vitality can protect you is through Personal Health Cover and Serious Illness Cover.

Personal Healthcare begins with core cover including in-patient and day-patient treatment, full cancer cover, a range of additional benefits and access to healthy rewards and savings. VitalityHealth also offers a ‘full cover’ promise as standard which means they will pay all consultants’ and anaesthetists’ fees in full if the consultant is recognised and the treatment is covered on your plan. From here we can tailor a plan to include a number of optional benefits like outpatient cover which gives you access to private consultations and diagnostics. VitalityHealth is also soon launching the innovative new Vitality GP, a virtual GP service that allows you to see a doctor who can diagnose, refer you to a specialist or prescribe medicine, at your convenience via your smartphone or tablet.

VitalityLife’s Serious Illness Cover helps protect you from all the other financial impacts that a serious illness can have on your life, such as needing to take time off work. If you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions covered such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, Vitality pays you a cash lump sum. For most conditions, a typical critical illness policy would give you a payout for your full cover amount or nothing at all. VitalityLife pays out differently. They pay out a percentage of your cover amount depending on how severe your condition is. This means VitalityLife are able to pay out on a wider range of illnesses – not just the debilitating or life-threatening ones covered by typical critical illness policies. It also means you’re up to twice as likely1 to get a payout from their Serious Illness Cover than you are from a typical critical illness policy.

Details correct as at May 2015. Terms and conditions apply to all Vitality partners.

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